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Lois Maffeo

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Lois Maffeo (professionally known for much of her career as Lois) is an American musician and writer who lives in Olympia, Washington. She has been closely involved with and influenced many independent musicians, especially in the 1990s-era Olympia, Seattle and Washington, D.C. music scenes.

Early life

Maffeo was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated in 1981 from Xavier College Preparatory, an all-female private Catholic high school. She moved to Olympia, Washington to attend The Evergreen State College.


As Lois MaffeoLois Maffeo on

  • The Union Themes (with Brendan Canty of Fugazi), 2000, Kill Rock Stars (Japanese release contains five bonus tracks)
  • ;compilations and other collaborations/appearances
    • Untitled a cappella track, Dangerous Business International cassette, 1985, K Records
    • "My Head Hurts" (with The Go Team), Archer Come Sparrow cassette, 1988/1989, K Records
    • "Cup to the Wall" (with Satisfact), Life Abroad 7" single, 1996, K Records
    • "Thick with the Paint Swaying" (with Red Stars Theory), But Sleep Came Slowly, 1997, Rx. Remedy
    • "Cat Fight" (with Georgia Hubley), 2 Days in the Valley OST, 1997, Edel
    • "Switch Shower Go!", Go! Olympia cassette, 1997, Yoyo Recordings
    • "A Sailor's Warning" (with Red Stars Theory), Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful, 1999, Touch & Go Records
    • "Pathways" (with The Evil Tambourines), Library Nation, 1999, Sub Pop
    • "On Mars And Venus" (with The Evil Tambourines), Library Nation, 1999, Sub Pop
    • "Shame The Bells", Projector: Another Studio Compilation, 1999, Yoyo Recordings
    • "Hope" (with Internal/External), Featuring..., 2000, K Records
    • "The Same As Being in Love" (with Harvey Danger), King James Version, 2000, Sire
    • "Spray on the Fixative" (with Mark Robinson), Origami And Urbanism, 2003, Tomlab

    With Cradle Robbers (with Rebecca Gates of the Spinanes)Cradle Robbers on

  • "Sotto Voce", Red Hot + Bothered/Indie Rock Guide To Dating, 1995, Kinetic/Reprise
  • With LumihoopsLumihoops on

  • "Roman Holiday", Throw: The Yoyo Studio Compilation, 1992, Yoyo Recordings
  • With Courtney Love (the band)Courtney Love on

    ;singles and EPs
    • Uncrushworthy 7" EP, 1990, K Records
    • Highlights 7" EP, 1991, K Records
    • Hey! Antoinette 7" EP, 1991, Feel Good All Over
    • "Don't Mix The Colors", Kill Rock Stars, 1991, Kill Rock Stars
    • "Spray", Throw: The Yoyo Studio Compilation, 1992, Yoyo Recordings
    • "Baseball Bat", One Last Kiss, 1992, spinART Records
    • "Shaniko", TeenBeat Fifty, 1993, TeenBeat Records
    • "Motorcycle Boy", International Pop Underground Convention, 1995, K Records

    As LoisLois on

    • Butterfly Kiss, 1992, K Records
    • Strumpet, 1993, K Records
    • Bet The Sky, 1995, K Records
    • Infinity Plus, 1996, K Records
  • Lowrider cassette, 1994, Slabco
  • ; Compilations
  • Butter Yellow: A Lois Collection, 1996, Rebel Beat Factory
  • ;Singles and EPs
    • Press Play And Record 7" single, 1992, K Records
    • Trouble With Me 7" single, 1993, K Records
    • Shy Town EP, 1995, K Records
    • Snapshot Radio EP, 1996, K Records
    • Ship To Shore maxi-single/EP (with Dub Narcotic Sound System), 1996, K Records
    • ...And His Baby Blue EP (with Sean Na Na), 1998, Polyvinyl Records
    ;Appearances, Split singles/EPs, and other collaborations
    • "Indie", July Split 7" single (with Nothing Painted Blue), 1993, Simple Machines
    • "Long Time Gone", International Hip Swing, 1993, K Records
    • "Indie", Working Holiday!, 1994, Simple Machines
    • "Strumpet", Yoyo A Go Go, 1994, Yoyo Recordings
    • "St. What's-Her-Name", Free To Fight 2-CD/LP set, 1995, Chainsaw Records/Candy Ass Records (as "The Lois")
    • "Ship To Shore" (with Dub Narcotic Sound System), Boot Party, 1996, K Records
    • "A Summer Long", Paper Split 7" EP (with Mad Planets, Low, and The Receptionists), 1997, Papercut
    • "Girls! Girls! Girls!", Southern/Tree/Polyvinyl Fall/Winter 1998 Compilation (with Sean Na Na), 1998
    • "Davey", Yoyo A Go Go: Another Live Yoyo Compilation, 1999, Yoyo Recordings
    • "Detour" (with Bis), Social Dancing, 1999, Capitol
    • "Detour" (with Bis), Detour EP, 1999, Willija
    • "2-9476" (with Sean Na Na), Troubleman Mix-Tape, 2001, Troubleman Unlimited

    With TommyTommy on

  • "Go Sonics", Selector Dub Narcotic, 1998, K Records
  • With The TentaclesThe Tentacles on

    ;singles and EPs
  • The Touch 7" single, 1999, K Records
  • With Owl & The PussycatOwl & The Pussycat on

  • Owl & The Pussycat, 2003, Kill Rock Stars

  • External links

    • Review of 1993 Knitting Factory show by The New York Times
    • Profile from Trouser Press
    • Owl & the Pussycat Review from PopMatters
    • Punkrockacademy interview

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