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Ashes (Tristania album)

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Ashes is the fourth full-length album by the Norwegian band Tristania. The album registers a change in the band's musical style, leaving out the choirs and initiating a heavier sound, with a focus on darker lyrics and the pure vocals of Vibeke Stene. This album is the only one Kjetil Ingebrethsen performed harsh vocals on.

Track listing

  • All music and lyrics by Tristania, except where noted.
    1. "Libre" – 4:30 (lyrics by Kjartan Hermansen)
    2. "Equilibrium" – 5:49
    3. "The Wretched" – 7:00 (lyrics by Hermansen)
    4. "Cure" – 5:59
    5. "Circus" – 5:09 (lyrics by Hermansen)
    6. "Shadowman" – 6:31
    7. "The Gate" – 6:45 (digipak bonus track)
    8. "Endogenisis" – 7:37
    9. "Bird" – 5:09 (digipak/jewel case bonus track)
    • The first Ashes edition only contained 7 songs.
    • Special Enhanced North American Edition includes the videoclip of "Equilibrium", both bonus tracks and an alternative cover with Vibeke on it.
    • Japanese Edition also includes both bonus tracks.
    • Kjartan Hermansen was Tristania's webmaster at that time.


    { (Recorded in Fagerborg Studio, Norway)


    • Produced and mixed By Tristania & Borge Finstad
    • Recorded and engineered By Borge Finstad & Drajevolitch
    • Mastered by Morten Lund

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