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7 35 in the Morning

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7:35 in the Morning ( ) is a 2003 Spanish short film directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo.


The film is an eight-minute long black and white short that depicts a Spanish woman encountering a strange singing man in a coffee shop one morning. The strange man turns out to be a suicide bomber, who professes his love through the words of the song to a woman who turns up every day at 7:35 in the morning (de la mañana). The others in the cafe have prerecorded lines to say at points during the song (or they risk the threat of being blown up) and even a short dance routine.
At the start of the film, the woman realises that something is not right when sitting down: everyone is quiet and refusing to acknowledge her presence. When the man reveals himself to be a suicide bomber (one of the people in the cafe refuses to sing), she calls the police (whilst he is not watching). Roughly three minutes later, the police arrive outside the coffee shop. The man finishes his song and emerges from the cafe to the police, holding a big sack of confetti. The man blows himself up, and the confetti showers over the woman. The credits roll.


  • Marta Belenguer as Mujer
  • Nacho Vigalondo as Tipo
  • Antonio Tato as Luis / Camarero
  • Borja Cobeaga as Ayte. Camarero 1
  • Javier Reguilón as Ayte. Camarero 2
  • Alejandro Garrido as Cliente Barra
  • César Velasco as Cliente 1
  • Esperanza Palacios as Cliente 2
  • Manuel Nebreda as Cliente 3
  • Sebastian Elices as Cliente 4
  • Resu Vigalondo as Cliente 5
  • Dolores Gonzalez as Cliente 6
  • Alejandro Tejerías as Cliente 7 (as Alejandro Tejeria)
  • Patricia Maldonado as Cliente 8
  • Javier Sanchez De La Cima as Niño 1

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