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You Forgot It in People

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You Forgot It in People is the second studio album by Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene, released on October 15, 2002. It followed Feel Good Lost, and was the band's commercial breakthrough. You Forgot It in People features intricate, experimental production techniques and a large number of instruments coinciding with the band's vastly expanded size. Local excitement for the album was so big that initial pressings sold out quickly, causing the need for a 2003 reissue.
Music videos were made for "Stars and Sons", "Cause = Time", "Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)", "Lover's Spit", and "I'm Still Your Fag". The album also features "Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl".
The songs that did not make it onto the album were featured in a B-sides compilation entitled Bee Hives, released in 2004.


After releasing Feel Good Lost, Broken Social Scene changed their style from making ambient instrumental songs to full-blown rock songs. As they expanded to an 11 piece collective, Broken Social Scene used a variety of sounds for the album. Reflecting on this, frontman Kevin Drew said "I was scared to see if people were going to embrace the idea of a whole shitload of sounds on one album." You Forgot It in People also progresses to "proper" song style with defined verses and choruses.


{{Album ratings
MC = 86/100
rev1 = AllMusic
rev1Score =
rev2 = Eye Weekly
rev2Score =
rev3 = Houston Chronicle
rev3Score =
rev4 = Now
rev4Score = 5/5
rev5 = The Philadelphia Inquirer
rev5Score =
rev6 = Pitchfork
rev6Score = 9.2/10
rev7 = Q
rev7Score =
rev8 = Rolling Stone
rev8Score =
rev9 = Spin
rev9Score = B+
rev10 = Stylus Magazine
rev10Score = A−
The album received high acclaim from music critics. According to review aggregate site Metacritic, the album received a normalized score of 86 out of 100 based on 18 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim". Reviews for the album were almost unanimously positive. Pitchfork s Ryan Schreiber gave the album a 9.2 out of 10 saying "You Forgot It in People explodes with song after song of endlessly re-playable, perfect pop." The songs "Cause = Time" and "Stars and Sons" are listed at No. 145 and No. 275 on Pitchfork Media's Top 500 Songs of the 2000s list, respectively. A Kludge writer called it a "majestic" album, in which the group created a "unique sound of lush instrumentation." A PopMatters review for the album was positive, although criticized the song "I'm Still Your Fag" for its "uncomfortably graphic lyrics". Conversely, Robert Christgau of The Village Voice selected "Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)" as a "choice cut", indicating a "good song on an album that isn't worth your time or money." In 2003, the album won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year. The album received the following accolades:
{ and track 9 as "Late Night Bedroom Rock for the Missionaries".


  • Kevin Drew – keyboards, vocals, guitar, feedback, bass, drums, piano
  • Brendan Canning − bass, double bass, vocals, organ, acoustic guitar, drum machine, guitar, piano, keyboards
  • Andrew Whiteman − guitar, tres, organ, vocals, bass, keyboards, tambourine
  • Charles Spearin − guitar, bass, percussion, drum machine, harmonica, effects, acoustic guitar, organ, sampler
  • Justin Peroff − drums, percussion, shaker, artwork
  • John Crossingham − guitar, feedback, drums, bass
  • Evan Cranley − trombone, strings, percussion
  • James Shaw − trumpet, guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Leslie Feist − vocals
  • Emily Haines − vocals
  • Jessica Moss − violin
  • Ohad Benchetrit − flute
  • Bill Priddle − guitar
  • Brodie West − saxophone
  • Susannah Brady − speaking
  • David Newfeld − producer, mastering
  • Noah Mintz − mastering
  • Louise Upperton − artwork design

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