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247 Eukrate

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Eukrate (minor planet designation: 247 Eukrate) is a rather large main-belt asteroid. It is dark and probably a primitive carbonaceous body. The asteroid was discovered by Robert Luther on March 14, 1885, in Düsseldorf. It was named after Eucrate, a Nereid in Greek mythology.
In 2001, the asteroid was detected by radar from the Arecibo Observatory at a distance of 1.18 AU. The resulting data yielded an effective diameter of .
There have been 9 occultation observations of this asteroid since 2004. The latest of 2018 May 12 was a 5 chord observation that allows, using Occult (Software), the scaling of the DAMIT model 1207, to yield a Mean volume-equivalent diameter of 137.5km and a Mean surface-equivalent diameter of 140.0 km.

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