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215 Oenone

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Oenone (minor planet designation: 215 Oenone) is a typical main belt asteroid. It was discovered by the Russian astronomer Viktor Knorre on April 7, 1880, in Germany, and was the second of his four asteroid discoveries. The asteroid is named after Oenone, a nymph in Greek mythology.
This body is orbiting the Sun with an period of and a low ellipticity (ovalness) of 0.036. The orbital plane is inclined by 1.7° to the plane of the ecliptic. Light curve data gives a synodic rotation period of , during which it varies in brightness with an amplitude of magnitudes. The cross-section diameter is 36 km. It is classified as an S-type asteroid in the Tholen taxonomy, suggesting a silicaceous (stony) composition.
A search of quasi-complanar asteroids has shown that 215 Oenone and 1851 ≡ 1950 VA can approach to within of each other, one of the closest known potential proximities of astronomical bodies.

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