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203 Pompeja

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In this page talks about ( 203 Pompeja ) It was sent to us on 26/07/2021 and was presented on 26/07/2021 and the last update on this page on 26/07/2021

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Pompeja (minor planet designation: 203 Pompeja) is a quite large main-belt asteroid.
It was discovered by C. H. F. Peters on September 25, 1879, in Clinton, New York, and named after Pompeii, the Roman town destroyed in volcanic eruption in AD 79.
Based upon Photometric observations taken during 2011, it has a synodic rotation period of 24.052 ± 0.001 h, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.10 ± 0.01 in magnitude. Because the rotation period nearly matches that of the Earth, it required coordinated observations from multiple observatories at widely spaced latitudes to produce a complete light curve.
  • The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database
  • Minor Planet Discovery Circumstances
  • Asteroid Lightcurve Parameters
  • Asteroid Albedo Compilation

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