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  thumb160pxArms of Baron Fersen
Fersen is a German-language surname derived from the Scottish surname MacPherson. The most well-known groups are the descendants of Clan MacPherson members who migrated in association with military conflict participation in the 16th through 18th centuries. In keeping with the Scottish military identity and the Stuart-era professional soldier class,
some left to join foreign militaries and were given knighthoods. The most well-known holders of the surname settled in the Baltic Sea area, including modern day Sweden and the governorate of Livonia (modern day Latvia and Estonia) which were once part of the Russian Empire.
The earliest records of the Fersen family of the Baltic area in the late 17th century suggest possible links to earlier participation in the Northern Wars; service in Northern Europe was commonplace and Scots had served in great numbers in the series of Northern Wars, whose onset was marked by an invasion of Livonia by Ivan the Terrible in 1558. More secure is their participation in the Thirty Years' War (1619-1648). The official alliances of the Stuart regime, the independent diplomacy of the Scottish Parliament, and the actions of numerous well placed individuals at various European courts combined to make Scotland one of the prime providers of military manpower in Europe, with some 50,000 Scots fighting between 161-1640. After the 1629 peace of Lübeck, many left to join substantial numbers of their compatriots in the Swedish army. During the 1620s the number of Scots serving in the Swedish army is estimated at around 20,000.
The Swedish branch of the Fersen family originally derived from the line in Livonia. After moving to Sweden, some of its members were awarded Countships for gallant military acts. This line is best known through its line of distinguished military service and for Axel von Fersen the Younger's possible love affair with Marie Antionette, suggested in court accounts and a recently uncovered series of "torrid" love letters.
Notable people with the surname include:
  • Fabian von Fersen (1626-1677), Swedish soldier
  • Otto Wilhelm von Fersen (1623-1703), Swedish soldier, Fabian's cousin
  • Hans Reinhold Fersen (1683-1726), Swedish general
  • Axel von Fersen, Sr. (1719-1794), Swedish politician, son of the above
  • Ulrika von Fersen (1746-1810), Swedish courtier, niece of the above
  • Hedvig Eleonora von Fersen (1753-1792), socialite, cousin of the above
  • Augusta von Fersen (1754-1846), Swedish courtier, cousin of the above
  • Axel von Fersen, Jr. (1755-1810), Swedish politician, cousin of the above
  • Sophie von Fersen (1757-1816), Swedish courtier, sister of the above
  • Fabian von Fersen (1762–1818), Swedish politician, cousin of the above
  • Johann Hermann von Fersen (Unknown-1801), Saxon-born infantry general who served in the Imperial Russian Army
  • Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen (1880-1923), French novelist and poet, related paternally to Hans Axel
  • Johann Hermann von Fersen (died 1801), Saxon general in Russian service
  • Vasili Fersen (1858-1937), Russian Admiral
  • Hans William von Fersen (1858-1937), Baltic German admiral in the Imperial Russian Navy

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