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It's Time (Michael Bublé album)

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It's Time is the fourth studio album by Canadian-Italian vocalist Michael Bublé that was released in 2005. With arrangements by David Foster, the album contains cover versions of songs from traditional pop and contemporary pop: George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles. And it includes "Home", a song co-written by Bublé.
Despite some unfavorable reviews, the album was a commercial success, topping the charts in Canada, Italy, and Spain, while peaking in the top ten in eleven other countries. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it three-times platinum, for shipments of three million copies across the United States. In Australia, the album was certified five times Platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for sales of 350,000 copies sold, and in Canada it was certified six times Platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) for sales of 600,000 copies.


In the U.S., "Home" reached No. 72 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while topping the Adult Contemporary chart. It also reached the top forty on the Adult Pop Songs and Digital Songs charts.
"Home" peaked at No. 35 in Australia, No. 31 in the UK,{{cite webtitle=Michael Bublé full Official Chart History Official Charts Company url= website=Official Chartsaccessdate=16 August 2017 and No. 1 in ten countries.
Bublé credits the success of It's Time, which sold six million copies by 2011, to "Home." It was the most played song on Canadian radio in 2006. It's Time sold well in Japan, Italy, and Australia, and charted in the top ten singles in both the U.K. and U.S. charts. Bublé said that during the recording of It's Time he "came into his own as a songwriter" and hearing his own song on the radio made him feel "like a true artist." He acknowledged that a downside to producing covers of well-loved songs is that people often compare them to the original; in writing his own song, he says, he found a sense of freedom. Bublé feels that the song is distinct in comparison to the other songs on the album because of its "country-pop twang" and more-relatable lyrics. The song was written collaboratively with Amy Foster-Gillies, Nashville native and daughter of successful Canadian musician David Foster. In his 2011 autobiography, Onstage Offstage, Bublé states that then-girlfriend Debbie Timuss was his inspiration for the song. Timuss sang backing vocals on "Home" and appeared in the music video, which was filmed in the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver, Canada. "Home" won the 2006 Juno Award for single of the year.{{cite web last1=Moredock first1=Janet title=Michael Bublé Canadian singer & songwriter url= website=Encyclopedia Britannica accessdate=6 September 2018 date=5 September 2018 A cover version was recorded by American country singer Blake Shelton. Shelton's version of Bublé's song landed him top of the charts for R&R Singles Chart and MediaBase Singles. Shelton was quoted in saying," I loved 'Home' the first time I heard it, and I really love it now," said Shelton. "I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was a country song. I've had the honor of performing "Home" with Michael Bublé on a couple of occasions and can honestly say he is a really great guy, and I think as a writer he's probably pretty excited that it's reached number one, too."
Bublé attributes the song's popularity to its universal theme, stating that "we all know what it's like to be homesick. It's one of the worst feelings. I know about that as well as anybody." "Home" was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2005 American romantic comedy The Wedding Date along with other songs from Bublé's albums.

Other singles

"Feeling Good" was released as the first international single from the album on April 4, 2005. Although the single failed to chart in the United States, it managed to chart on the Austria Singles Chart at No. 66 and on the Dutch Singles Chart at No.61. It also charted in the United Kingdom, peaking at No. 69.

Critical reception

{{Album ratings
rev1 = AllMusic
rev1Score =
rev2 = All About Jazz
rev2Score = (favorable)
rev3 = Daily Emerald
rev3Score = (mixed)
rev4 = The Guardian
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The album received mixed reviews from contemporary music critics, with positive attention given to Bublé's vocals. Aaron Latham of AllMusic gave the album four out of five stars and felt that the album "mined the rich history of pop music" as he noted that Bublé applied "his own technique to classic standards and incorporated his Rat Pack sound into modern pop songs". The songs "Home", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Song for You", and "You and I" were called the highlights of the album. Woodrow Wilkins from All About Jazz commended how It's Time was "relevant to today's audience" and noted that Bublé "delivers the songs with the heart and passion that only a person who claims ownership of these titles can muster". However, Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian didn't appreciate the album's composition of jazz and pop covers, saying that "Sinatra is turning in his grave". Amy Lichty of the Daily Emerald said that "Bublé's clear voice and smooth rhythms keep the CD moving along", but also noted that he "is simply no match for either Sinatra or Connick"

Track listing

headline = Standard Edition
total_length = 49:11
title1 = Feeling Good
writer1 =
length1 = 3:57
title2 = A Foggy Day (In London Town)
writer2 =
length2 = 2:31
title3 = You Don't Know Me
writer3 =
length3 = 4:14
title4 = Quando, Quando, Quando
writer4 =
note4 = duet with Nelly Furtado
length4 = 4:45
title5 = Home
writer5 =
length5 = 3:45
title6 = Can't Buy Me Love
writer6 =
length6 = 3:14
title7 = The More I See You
writer7 =
length7 = 3:47
title8 = Save the Last Dance for Me
writer8 =
length8 = 3:38
title9 = Try a Little Tenderness
writer9 =
length9 = 4:05
title10 = How Sweet It Is
writer10 =
length10 = 2:58
title11 = Song for You
writer11 = Leon Russell
note11 = feat. Chris Botti
length11 = 4:42
title12 = I've Got You Under My Skin
writer12 = Cole Porter
length12 = 3:40
title13 = You and I
writer13 = Stevie Wonder
length13 = 3:55
collapsed = yes
headline = Special Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
total_length = 55:39
title14 = Dream a Little Dream
writer14 =
length14 = 3:08
title15 = Mack the Knife
writer15 =
length15 = 3:20
collapsed = yes
headline = iTunes Store Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
total_length = 57:58
title14 = Home
note14 = Remix
writer14 =
length14 = 3:41
title15 = Feeling Good
note15 = Live
writer15 =
length15 = 5:06
collapsed = yes
headline = Fan Club Edition Bonus Tracks
total_length = 59:40
title14 = It's All in the Game
writer14 =
length14 = 3:53
title15 = I'm Beginning to See the Light
writer15 =
length15 = 2:49
title16 = Softly, as I Leave You
writer16 =
length16 = 3:47
collapsed = yes
headline = Starbucks Special Edition Bonus Track
total_length = 52:30
title14 = Come Fly with Me
writer14 =
length14 = 3:19
collapsed = yes
headline = Japanese Special Edition Bonus Track
total_length = 52:58
title14 = Softly, as I Leave You
writer14 =
length14 = 3:47
{{Track listing
collapsed = yes
headline = Target Special Edition Bonus EP: More
total_length = 20:28
title1 = You'll Never Know
note1 = Live
writer1 =
length1 = 3:23
title2 = My Funny Valentine
note2 = Live
writer2 =
length2 = 4:24
title3 = Nice 'n' Easy
writer3 =
length3 = 2:45
title4 = Mack the Knife
writer4 =
length4 = 3:20
title5 = I'm Beginning to See the Light
writer5 =
length5 = 2:49
title6 = Softly, as I Leave You
writer6 =
length6 = 3:47


Personnel adapted from AllMusic{{cite web title=It's Time - Michael Bublé Credits url= website=AllMusic accessdate=7 August 2017
  • Michael Bublé – vocals
  • David Foster – keyboards
  • Chris Botti – trumpet
  • Gilbert Castellanos – trumpet
  • Sal Cracchiolo – trumpet
  • Kye Palmer – trumpet
  • George Bohanon – trombone
  • Ira Nepus – trombone
  • Bill Reichenbach Jr. – bass trombone
  • Jeff Clayton – alto saxophone
  • Keith Fiddmont – alto saxophone
  • Charles Owens – tenor saxophone
  • Rickey Woodard – tenor saxophone
  • Lee Callet – baritone saxophone
  • Dan Higgins – flute, saxophone
  • Alan Chang – piano
  • Tamir Hendelman – piano
  • Randy Waldman – piano
  • Jochem van der Saag – harmonica, organ
  • John Chiodini – guitar
  • Brian Green – guitar
  • Brandon Jenner – guitar
  • Dean Parks – guitar
  • Heitor Pereira – guitar
  • Michael Thompson – guitar
  • Anthony Wilson – guitar
  • Brian Bromberg – bass
  • Robert Hurst – bass
  • Christian McBride – bass
  • Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
  • Jeff Hamilton – drums
  • David Tull – drums
  • Rafael Padilla – percussion
  • Nelly Furtado – vocals
  • Debbie Timuss – background vocals

  • Sammy Nestico – orchestration
  • Arrangers – Jorge Calandrelli, John Clayon Jr., Jerry Hey, Bill Holman, Jeremy Lubbock, William Ross, Don Sebesky
  • David Foster – producer
  • Tommy LiPuma – producer
  • Humberto Gatica – producer, engineer, mixing
  • Vlado Meller – mastering
  • Mick Haggerty – art direction, design
  • Engineers – Al Schmitt, Alejandro Rodriguez, Christian Robles, Joe Wolhmuth, Jorge Vivo, Neil Devor, Steve Genewick, Andy Brohard, Bruce Monical, Wil Donovan



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{{Certification Table Entryregion=Denmarktype=albumaward=Goldartist=Michael Bubletitle=It's Timerelyear=2005certyear=2011salesamount=10,000certref=
{{Certification Table Entryregion=Italytype=albumaward=Platinumnumber=4artist=Michael Bubletitle=It's Timerelyear=2005certref= salesamount=370,000salesref=
{{Certification Table Entryregion=United Statestype=albumaward=Platinumnumber=3artist=Michael Bubletitle=It's Time salesamount=3,790,000 salesref=
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