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Ignatyev, Ignatiev, or Ignatieff ( ; masculine) or Ignatyeva ( ; feminine) is a Russian surname derived from the name Ignatius, in Russian, Ignatiy/Ignaty. In the Imperial Russia the Ignatievs noble family was established sometimes in the 17th century as a cadet branch of the Pleshchevs family from Chernihiv (Czernihów). Along with Pleshchevs, the Ignatievs family takes its roots from a Muscovite boyar Theodore Biakont who emigrated from Chernihiv to Moscow sometime in the 14th century, see Alexius, Metropolitan of Kiev.
Ihnatyev and Ihnatiev is a transliteration of the name from Belarusian and Ukrainian languages. For more information, see Ge (Cyrillic).
Notable people with the surname include:
  • Aleksandr Ignatyev (b. 1971), Russian football player
  • Alexsandr Ignatyev (1912-1998), Russian sculptor
  • Alexandra Nikolaevna Ignatieff (b. 1939), Franco-Russian countess and Princess of San Stefano
  • Alexey Ignatyev (1877-1954), Russian count, statesman, and writer
  • Andrey Alexandrovich Ignatiev (1900-1973), Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Andrey Nikolayevich Ignatyev (b. 1921), Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Ardalion Ignatyev (1930-1998), Soviet athlete
  • Boris Ignatyev, Russian football manager
  • Gavriil Ignatyev (1768-1852), Russian infantry general
  • George Ignatieff (1913–1989), Canadian diplomat and recipient Pearson Medal of Peace (son of Pavel Ignatyev)
  • Grigory Ignatyev (1846-1898), Russian military communications engineer and inventor
  • Michael Ignatieff (b. 1947), Canadian politician, academic and broadcaster (son of George Ignatieff)
  • Mikhail Ignatyev (disambiguation), several people
  • Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev (1832-1908), Russian statesman and diplomat
  • Nikolay Ignatyev (pilot) (1917-1994), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Noel Ignatiev, history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art
  • Pavel Ignatieff (1870-1945), Russian count and minister of education (son of Nikolay Pavlovich Ignatyev)
  • Pavel Ignatyev (1973), Russian sculptor
  • Semyon Ignatyev (1904-1983), head of the Soviet secret police
  • Sergey Ignatyev (disambiguation), several people
  • Countess Sophia Ignatieva, Russian countess
  • Varnava Ignatyev (1867-1927), Russian/Soviet scientist in the field of children's and teenage hygiene
  • Vladislav Ignatyev (b. 1987), Russian football player currently playing for Lokomotiv
  • Vladyslav Ihnatyev (b. 1997), Ukrainian football player

See also

  • Ignateva Cave, a limestone cave in the Ural mountains of Russia
  • Ignatyeva (rural locality), a rural locality (a village) in Kurgan Oblast, Russia

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