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  may refer to:


  • Kasuga, Fukuoka, a city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
    • Kasuga Station (Fukuoka), on the Kagoshima Main Line
  • Kasuga, Hyogo, a former town in Hyōgo Prefecture
  • Kasuga, Gifu, a former village in Gifu Prefecture
  • Kasuga Shrine, a major Shinto shrine in Nara
  • Kasugayama Castle, the primary fortress of warlord Uesugi Kenshin
  • Kasuga Station (Tokyo), on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Tokyo Metro Namboku Line


  • , also called Kasuga Maru, a Japanese wooden paddle steamer warship of the Bakumatsu and early Meiji period
  • , an armored cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Russo-Japanese War
  • Kasuga-class cruiser, armored cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, in commission 1904–1945
  • , also called Japanese Pacific Ocean liner Kasuga Maru, a Taiyō-class escort carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II

People with the surname

  • Carlos Kasuga, Japanese-Mexican businessman
  • Hachiro Kasuga (1924–1991), Japanese singer
  • Kanon Kasuga (born 2003), Japanese actress
  • Lady Kasuga or Kasuga no Tsubone (1579–1643)
  • Toshiaki Kasuga (born 1979), Japanese comedian

Other uses

  • 7674 Kasuga, a main-belt asteroid
  • Kasuga-dōrō, a type of Japanese Tōrō (stone lantern)

See also

  • Haruhi, which can be written with the same kanji
  • Kasukabe, a city in Saitama

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