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Herz (surname)

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  Herz is a German surname meaning heart. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Adam Herz, American writer and producer
  • Adolf Herz, Austrian Engineer, inventor of Herz spark plug, photographer and first editor of Camera Magazine
  • Alice Herz, American pacifist
  • Alice Herz-Sommer, (1903–2014), Czech-born Jewish pianist, oldest Holocaust survivor
  • Daniela Herz (born 1954), German businesswoman
  • Eberhard Herz, German American footballer
  • Günter Herz (born 1940), German businessman
  • Henri Herz, Austrian pianist, teacher, and composer
  • Henriette Herz (de Lemos), German social leader
  • John H. Herz, American scholar of international relations
  • Josef E. Herz, American scientist, organic chemistry
  • Juraj Herz (1934–2018), Slovak film director, writer and actor
  • Martin F. Herz, American diplomat, ambassador
  • Max Herz (1905-1965), German businessman
  • Michael Herz (businessman) (born 1943), German businessman
  • Michael Herz, American film producer, director and screenwriter
  • Naphtali Herz Imber, itinerant poet, wrote lyrics of Hatikvah, national anthem of Israel
  • Winfried Herz, German footballer
  • Wolfgang Herz (born 1950), German businessman

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