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Boys Life 3

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Boys Life 3 is a compilation of five short films that deal with coming-out and the trials and tribulations of being gay in America.


  • Inside Out (directed by Jason Gould; starring Alexis Arquette and Elliott Gould)
  • Just One Time (1998, directed by Lane Janger; starring Guillermo Díaz, Jennifer Esposito, Joelle Carter): A man wants his girlfriend to have a sexual relationship with another girl, just one time.
  • Hitch (2000, directed by Bradley Rust Gray, starring Jason Herman, Drew Wood): Two friends on a road-trip: one is gay, the other straight. The former gets attracted to the latter.
  • Majorettes in Space (French: Des majorettes dans l'espace, 1996, directed by David Fourier, starring Elise Laurent, Jean-Marc Delacruz, Olivier Laville): Two male Russian cosmonauts, one of whom has a fetish for majorettes, are in space without condoms. A young heterosexual couple have sex outdoors. Pope John Paul II is passionate about airports but enforces the sexually restrictive teachings of the Catholic Church. Vincent, a young gay man, is dying of AIDS.
  • $30 (1999, directed by Gregory Cooke, starring Sara Gilbert, Erik MacArthur, Gregory Itzin): A father buys his closeted son a night with a prostitute.

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