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Electronic Warfare (album)

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Electronic Warfare is a classic Underground Resistance release, which defined further developments and experiments in electro sound. It was released in double 12" format in 1996 under the catalog number #033.

Track listing

  1. A1 - "Logic Bomb"
  2. A2 - "Fiber Optic Commando (M.O.D.)"
  3. B1 - "Electronic Warfare (Vocal)"
  4. B2 - "Electronic Warfare (Instrumental)"
  5. B3 - "Electronic Warfare (Oz speaks)"
  6. C1 - "Biosensors In Tunnel Complex Africa"
  7. C2 - "Install 'Ho Chi Minh' Chip"
  8. D1 - "The Illuminator"
Officially released by the UR (Underground Resistance) collective. The members of UR are; Andre Holland, D-HA, DJ Rolando, Drexciya, Gerald Mitchell, Ghetto Tech, James Pennington, Mike Banks, Marc Floyd, Mark Taylor, Perception, Scan 7, Timeline,... But the tracks appeared on this release were mainly produced by "Mad" Mike Banks.
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