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Sha Tin College

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Sha Tin College ( , Abbreviated: STC) is a co-educational international secondary school in Hong Kong and a member of the English Schools Foundation.
Established in 1982 as the Shatin Annexe based in the campus of KGV School in Kowloon Tong, the school relocated to 3 Lai Wo Lane, Fo Tan in 1985, adopting its present name.


For the 2018-19 school year, the school had 1241 students.2018-2019 Annual Report In 2016, 71.6 percent of students were Chinese, a total of 838 students. The next largest group was Eurasians, then Caucasians.


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Student Leader positions include:
  • Two Heads of House
  • Two Deputy Heads of House
  • Two Heads of Creativity
  • Two Heads of Action
  • Two Heads of Service
  • Two Heads of Environment
  • Two Heads of Support
  • Two Heads of Guidance and Well-being
  • Two Heads of Liaison and Communication


All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to purchase and wear the issued school uniform. Uniforms are generally school-specific in terms of colour and style. Students in the senior school (Years 12 and 13) are allowed to wear casual clothing.Sha Tin College: Information for Parents Students are expected to wear specialized PE uniforms to all PE classes, which contain a shirt corresponding to house colour and blue shorts. Dark blue hoodies, windbreakers, water bottles, and swimming gear are also part of the uniform. New uniform was issued at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school term.


Sha Tin College currently follows the IBDP curriculum. Y10-11 students complete the IGCSE, with different subjects enrolling in different exam boards.


Sha Tin College's IBDP program achieved a so-called 40-40 status (where over 40% of students achieve 40 points or above). One student at the college achieved the world's highest IGCSE math score. In the college's history program, a team won first place in the Hong Kong Bowl in MS category, and William Huang (Y9 as of 2016-2017) won the Bee, also for MS category on April 22, 2018. In the 2018 International History Bowl Asian Championships Sha Tin College History Bee and Bowl team team achieved second in bowl (team) and Darren Ho Ching Lau (Y9) achieved third and William Huang achieved fifth.

Notable alumni

  • Dawen – Singer-songwriter
  • Stephanie Ho – Singer, actress and golfer
  • Vivian Kong – Professional Olympic Fencer

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