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List of company, tax and statistical business registers

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For a worldwide registry of most companies engaged in any type of financial transaction (stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, etc.) see Legal Entity Identifier

A company register is a register of legal entities in the jurisdiction they operate under, for the purpose of protection, accountability and control of legal entities.
A tax register is a register of taxable entities, used for the purpose of revenue collection, including taxes, duty and social insurance contributions.
A statistical business register plays a central part in a system of official economic statistics at a national statistics office.
The following is an incomplete list of company, tax and statistical business registers by country:
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  • Minister of Commerce and Industries – Central Business Registry
  • Albania

  • National Business Center (Qendra Kombetare e Biznesit)
  • Algeria

  • The National Center of The Trade Register (Centre National du Registre du Commerce (CNRC))
  • Andorra

  • Oficina de Marques
  • Angola

    • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – Central Register of Business Names (Ficheiro Central de Denominações Sociais) (not searchable) {{Cite weburl=ério da Justiça e Direitos Humanos
    • Ministry of Finance – Registry of State Suppliers


  • Anguilla Financial Services – Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN)
  • Antigua and Barbuda

  • Financial Services Regulatory Commission (not searchable)
  • Argentina

    • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
    • Official Gazette (Click on "Sociedades")
    • Federal Administration of Public Revenue – tax identification number (CUIT) check
    • National Securities Commission – Issuers
    • National Procurement Office – Providers
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship – Directory of Importers/Exporters


    • Ministry of Justice – State Register of the Legal Entities
    • Tax Service – Taxpayers
    • Central Bank of Armenia – Listed Companies


  • Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry{{Cite weburl= van Koophandel en Nijverheid Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry Arubawebsite=arubachamber.comlanguage=en-gb
  • Australia

    • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Search ASIC Registers
    • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Datasets
    • Australian Business Register – Australian Business Number Lookup
    • Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations – Search Corporations


    • Firmenbuch Information on accessing the official corporate registry
    • Wiener ZeitungFirmenmonitor (company notices)
    • Financial Market Authority – Supervised Companies{{Cite newsurl= Company Database FMA - Finanzmarktaufsicht Österreichwork=fma.gv.atlanguage=en-US


    • Ministry of Taxes – State Register of Business Entities
    • Ministry of Taxes – Businesses engaged in production


  • Registrar General's Department
  • Bangladesh

  • Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms
  • Bahrain

    • Ministry of Industry & Commerce
    • Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Members Search
    • Central Bank of Bahrain – CBB Register


  • Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office – Registrants
  • Belarus

  • Ministry of Justice – Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (In Russian)
  • Belgium

    • Crossroads Bank for Enterprises{{Cite weburl= in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) CBE Public Searchwebsite=kbopub.economie.fgov.belanguage=en
    • Federal Public Service Justice – Enterprise Search
    • National Bank of Belgium – Central Balance Sheet Office
    • Financial Services and Markets Authority – Public companies register (STORI)


  • International Business Companies Registry of Belize
  • Benin

  • Ministry of Industry, Trade, Small and Medium Enterprises – Business Registry (GUFE)
  • Bermuda

  • Registrar of Companies
  • Bhutan

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (not searchable)
  • Bolivia

  • Registry of Commerce (Fundempresa)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Registers of Business Entities
    • Republika Srpska – Registers of Business Entities
    • Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District – Registry of Securities – Issuers
    • Republika Srpska – Central Registry of Securities – Issuers


  • Companies and Intellectual Property Authority
  • Brazil

    • BM&F Bovespa – Listed Companies
    • Ministry of Finance – Federal Revenue – Legal entity tax identification number (CNPJ) search

    State registries

  • Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI) – Map of commercial registries (juntas comerciais)
  • { Электронное правительство Республики Казахстан
  • State Revenue Committee – Legal entities{{Cite weburl= search State revenue committee Ministry of finance of the Republic of
  • Business Licenses
  • Kenya

    • State Law Office – Registrar General (not searchable)
    • National Construction Authority – Registered Contractors{{Cite weburl= Registered Contractors website=nca.go.keaccess-date=2018-07-06


  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives (not searchable){{Cite weburl= of Commerce, Industry and Cooperativess
  • Kosovo

  • Ministry of Trade and Industry – Business Registration Agency
  • Kuwait

    • Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Company Search
    • Kuwait Stock Exchange – Listed Companies


  • Ministry of Justice – Register of Legal Entities


  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce – Registered Enterprises
  • Latvia

    • State Register of Enterprises{Cite weburl= of /
    • Database of all companies registered in Latvia


  • Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
  • Lesotho

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing
  • Liberia

  • Liberia Business Registry
  • Liechtenstein

  • Office of Justice – Commercial Register
  • Lithuania

  • Register of Legal Entities
  • Luxembourg

    • Luxembourg Business Registers
    • Official Gazette (Legilux)
    • Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier - Supervised entities


    • Central Registry
    • Securities and Exchange Commission – Registry of joint stock companies


    • Economic Development Board of Madagascar – List of companies
    • General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) – Taxable entity search


  • The Registry of Companies is now known as the Malta Business Registry (MBR)
  • Malawi

  • Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs – Registrar General (not searchable)
  • Malaysia

    • Companies Commission of Malaysia – Company search
    • Labuan – Labuan Financial Services Authority {{Cite weburl= IBFC Homepagewebsite=www.labuanibfc.comaccess-date=2018-07-06


  • Ministry of Economic Development
  • Mali

  • Investment Promotion Agency {{Cite weburl= MALI Agence Pour la promotion des Investissements au
  • Marshall Islands

  • Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators
  • Mauritania

  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (Click on "Répertoires des entreprises")
  • Mauritius

  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development – Corporate and Business Registration Department
  • Mexico

    • Secretariat of Economy – National Business Information Registry (SIEM)
    • Secretariat of Economy – Company name search
    • Secretariat of Economy – Integrated System of Registry Management (SIGER) – list of all state and municipal commercial registries
    • Mexican Institute of Industrial Property – Trade name search
    • Registry of Suppliers and Contractors (RUPC)
    • ProMéxico – Directory of Exporters

    State registries

    { class="wikitable sortable"
    ! State/District
    ! Searchable
    ! Registry
    Aguascalientes Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Aguascalientes
    Baja California Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Baja California
    Baja California Sur Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Baja California Sur
    {{Cite weburl= de Baja California Sur 2015 - 2021 Mejor Futurowebsite=bcs.gob.mxlanguage=es-ESaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Campeche Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Campeche
    Chiapas Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Chiapas
    Chihuahua Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Chihuahua
    {{Cite weburl= Chihuahua.gob.mxwebsite=www.chihuahua.gob.mxlanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Coahuila Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Coahuila
    Colima Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Colima
    Durango Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Durango
    {{Cite weburl= Estatal Durangowebsite=transparencia.durango.gob.mxlanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Guanajuato Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Guanajuato
    Guerrero Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Guerrero
    Hidalgo Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Hidalgo
    {{Cite weburl= DEL ESTADO DE HIDALGO MÉXICOwebsite=www.hidalgo.gob.mxlanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Jalisco Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Jalisco
    Mexico City Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Mexico City
    Mexico State Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Mexico State
    {{Cite weburl= Instituto de la Función Registral del Estado de Méxicowebsite=ifrem.edomex.gob.mxlanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Michoacán Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Michoacán
    Morelos Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Morelos
    {{Cite weburl= Oficial del Gobierno del Estado de Morelos, donde encontrarás información sobre servicios, trámites, programas, arte, cultura, negocios, turismo, transparencia e innovación para las y los Portal Ciudadano del Gobierno del Estado de Moreloslanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Nayarit Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Nayarit
    Nuevo León Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Nuevo León
    Oaxaca Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Oaxaca
    Puebla Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Puebla
    Querétaro Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Querétaro
    Quintana Roo Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Quintana Roo
    {{Cite weburl= del Estado de Quintana Roo
    San Luis Potosí Public Registry of Property and Commerce of San Luis Potosí
    Sinaloa Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Sinaloa
    Sonora Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Sonora
    Tabasco Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Tabasco
    {{Cite weburl= Portal Tabascowebsite=www.tabasco.gob.mxlanguage=esaccess-date=2018-07-06
    Tamaulipas Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Tamaulipas
    Tlaxcala Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Tlaxcala
    Veracruz Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Veracruz
    Yucatán Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Yucatán
    Zacatecas Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Zacatecas

    Micronesia, Federated States of

  • Registrar of Companies – Listing of FSM Corporations
  • Moldova

    • Licensing Chamber
    • Ministry of Justice – State Registration Chamber
    • Ministry of Justice – State Register of Non-Profit Organizations {{Cite weburl= organizaÅ£iilor RSONwebsite=rson.justice.mdaccess-date=2018-07-06
    • State Tax Service – Taxable entity search – search by Unique State Identification Number (IDNO)
    • State Tax Service – List of taxable entities


  • Registry of Commerce and Industry
  • Mongolia

  • General Authority for State Registration
  • Montenegro

    • Central Registry of Business Entities
    • Montenegro Stock Exchange – Company search{{Cite weburl= AD Stock datawebsite=www.montenegroberza.comaccess-date=2018-07-06


  • Financial Services Commission (not searchable){{Cite weburl= Entities » International Business Companies (IBCs) Financial Services Commission Montserratlast=Montserratfirst=Financial Services Commissionwebsite=www.fscmontserrat.orglanguage=enaccess-date=2018-07-06
  • Morocco

    • Central Trade Registry (OMPIC)
    • Central Trade Registry (OMPIC) {{Cite weburl= Signs Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et - Agence de productionwebsite=www.ompic.maaccess-date=2018-07-06
    • Financial Markets Authority (CDVM) – Listed Companies
    • Casablanca – Register of Commerce
    • Fès – Register of Commerce
    • Marrakech – Register of Commerce
    • Meknès – Register of Commerce
    • Oujda – Register of Commerce
    • Rabat – Register of Commerce
    • Salé – Register of Commerce
    • Tangier – Register of Commerce


  • Bulletin of the Republic
  • Myanmar

  • Directorate of Investment and Company Administration
  • Namibia

  • Business and Intellectual Property Authority
  • Nauru

  • Registrar of Corporations
  • Nepal

  • Office of Company Registrar
  • Netherlands

  • Trade Register – Company search
  • Caribbean Netherlands

    • Bonaire Commercial Register
    • Sint Eustatius and Saba Commercial Register{{Cite weburl= company Statia and Saba Chamber of Commerce & Industrywebsite=www.statiasabachamber.comlanguage=enaccess-date=2018-07-06

    New Zealand

  • Companies Office – Search for companies, company directors or shareholders
  • Nicaragua

    • Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade
    • General Revenue Service (DGI) – Business search
    • General Directorate of State Procurement – Provider search


  • National Institute of Statistics – Directory of Companies
  • Nigeria

    • Corporate Affairs Commission
    • Bureau of Public Procurement – Registered Contractors


  • Companies Office of Niue
  • Norway

    • Brønnøysund Register Centre – Company Register
    • Brønnøysund Register Centre – Company Announcements
    • Agency for Public Management and eGovernment – List of companies {{Cite weburl= - Difiwebsite=hotell.difi.nolanguage=nbaccess-date=2018-07-06
    • Financial Supervisory Authority – Registry of supervised entities


    • Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Search Company Listings
    • Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Trade Directory


  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan - Company Name Search
  • Palau

  • Office of the Attorney General – Registrar of Corporations (not searchable){{Cite weburl= of the Attorney General Palau National
  • Palestine

  • Ministry of National Economy – Companies Registry
  • Panama

    • Public Registry of Panama
    • Panadata

    Papua New Guinea

  • Investment Promotion Authority – Entity Search
  • Paraguay

    • Ministry of Finance – Taxable entity search
    • Undersecretary of State Taxation (SET) – company tax identification number (RUC) check {{Cite weburl=
    • National Directorate of Public Procurement – Provider search


    • National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP)
    • National Superintendency of Tax Administration (SUNAT)
    • Supervisory Agency for State Contracts (OSCE) – Provider search


  • Department of Trade and Industry – Business Name Registration System
  • Poland

    General registers

    • Ministry of Justice (MS) – National Court Register (KRS) {{Cite weburl= Strona głó - one of its constituent parts is the Register of Entrepreneurs (Rejestr PrzedsiÄ™biorców) which is the company register for trade partnerships (registered partnerships, limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships, professional partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies), European economic interest groupings, European partnerships, cooperatives, European cooperatives, (state) research institutes, state undertakings, foreign undertakings, mutual insurance societies, mutual reinsurance societies, divisions of foreign undertakings active on the territory of Poland, main divisions of foreign insurance undertakings, main divisions of foreign reinsurance undertakings, while the other part of the KRS, the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations and Independent Public Healthcare Institutions (Rejestr stowarzyszeÅ„, innych organizacji spoÅ‚ecznych i zawodowych, fundacji oraz samodzielnych publicznych zakÅ‚adów opieki zdrowotnej), is responsible for the registration of various other entities, mainly non-commercial (incomplete list): foundations, registered associations, political parties, and trade unions (searchable) - if they intend to perform business activities when allowed by their bylaws, they have to obtain registration also in the Register of Entrepreneurs; National Register of the Indebted (Krajowy Rejestr ZadÅ‚użonych) - a register under construction, separate from the KRS, scheduled to become operational on 01 July 2021, designed to include entries on insolvent debtors: either private persons or companies, regardless whether they are registered in the National Court Register or the Central Registration and Information on Business ;
    • Court and Commercial Gazette (Monitor SÄ…dowy i Gospodarczy) – official gazette (searchable);
    • Ministry of Development (MR) – Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) - company register for natural persons trading as sole traders or civil law partnerships (searchable)
    • National Fiscal Administration (KAS) – Central Register of Entities - National Register of Taxpayers - assigns the Tax Identification Number (NIP) to all taxable entities, with the exception of natural persons not registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business, as they are required to use their Personal Identification Number (PESEL) instead of NIP for tax purposes (non-searchable); List of VAT taxpayers (so-called VAT white list) - list of registered, unregistered and deleted entities and restored to the VAT register (searchable)
    • Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) - Central Register of Contribution Payers (non-searchable)
    • Central Statistical Office (GUS) – National Official Business Register – statistical business register which assigns the Statistical Identification Number (REGON)

    Businesses exempt from company registration

    Unregulated business activity of a natural person may be exempt from registration in the CEIDG if the person has not performed business activities during the preceding 60 months and the monthly gross income generated by the activity does not exceed 50% of the minimum wage. Such activity is also free from the obligation to pay social insurance contributions, nevertheless, it is still subject to taxation.
    Activity of an individual farmer is also exempt from company registration, unless the farmer decides otherwise. An individual farmer, whose farm is not registered as a company, is exempt from income and real estate taxes, being subject to much more lenient agricultural tax instead. Moreover, such farmer may chose whether or not to become a VAT taxpayer and is obligated to pay agricultural social insurance contributions subsidized by the state, instead of paying much higher ordinary social insurance contributions.
    Business activities of a legal person or of an other legal entity created otherwise than by registration in the KRS are in few situations exempt from registration in the KRS; these include:
    • a hunting association, if it does not hold the status of an officially recognized charity (public benefit organization - as such status is acquired by registration in the National Court Register) – according to the Act on Hunting Law, it acquires legal personality through registration by the relevant district board of the Polish Hunting Union and is legally allowed to perform business activities related to its statutory tasks;
    • legal entities or persons which have been created by a church or a confession union recognized by the state, if they are allowed to perform business activities by their bylaws, and if they do not hold the status of an officially recognized charity (public benefit organization - as such status is acquired by registration in the National Court Register) – they acquire legal personality through a regulation of the minister competent for religious confessions, or (in the case of territorial or personal institutions of the Catholic Church in Poland) by notifying Polish government by the relevant church authority, that an ecclesiastical legal person was established in accord with the canon law;
    • a public od private higher education institution, if it performs business activity organized as a separate part of its own legal personality (and not as a separate legal person e.g. a limited liability partnership or a joint-stock partnership); nevertheless, a private institution still requires registration by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (see below) to come into existence, while a public institution is established through an act of Parliament or by a regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, thus being free from obligation to register anywhere;
    • a regulatory college (professional self-government) institution, usually a legal person, established by an act;
    • a state or self-governmental culture institution (created and registered by a minister or a self-government unit) - even though culture activity of a public culture institution is not legally regarded as business activity, an institution may be allowed to perform additional business activity, if its bylaws state so;
    • a communal union (registered by the minister competent for the public administration)
    • selected other state legal persons e.g. National Bank of Poland, national parks, technical inspection units (Office of Technical Inspection, Transportation Technical Supervision, Military Technical Inspection), Polish Air Navigation Agency;
    • selected state legal entities other than legal persons: State Forests National Forest Holding, Polish Waters National Water Management Holding; statistical offices and the Main Statistical Office, units of various uniformed services, state inspections and their laboratories;

    Sector-specific registers and lists of regulated activities

    • Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) – register of publicly traded partnerships and securities listed on an exchange or on an alternative trading system; registers of various types of regulated financial entities (list incomplete): banks, co-operative banks, credit unions, pension funds, insurance companies, life insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, investment funds, stock exchanges, alternative trading systems, and commodities exchanges. A combined search engine.
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA) – Register of Undertakings Licensed to Manufacture and Trade Explosives, Arms, Ammunition, and Devices or Technologies Designated for Police or Military Use (searchable); Register of Undertakings Performing Private Investigator Services (searchable);
      • Ministry of Finance (MF) – List of licensed casinos (downloadable list); List of licensed bookmakers and licensed internet gambling entities (downloadable list);
      • Ministry of National Education (MEN) – Register of Schools and Educational Institutions - public and private schools and educational institutions (searchable)
      • Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) – List of Non-Public Higher Education Institutions - list of licensed non-public universities and colleges (searchable)
      • Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy (MRPiPS) – National Register of Employment Agencies (searchable); Register of Nurseries and Children's Clubs (searchable); Register of Social Assistance Units - register of public and private entities such as retirement homes, assisted living homes (but not nursing homes, as they are considered healthcare entities) (searchable)
      • Ministry of Health (MZ) – Register of Entities Performing Medical Activities - includes public and private, commercial and non-commercial healthcare entities, as well as individual and group professional practices of physicians, dentists, nurses, midwives, and physiotherapists (searchable); Register of Pharmacies (searchable); Register of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (searchable)
      • National Health Fund (NFZ) – Central List of Healthcare Providers - list of public and private healthcare providers operating under a contract with the NFZ within the general health insurance system (searchable)
      • State Pharmaceutical Inspection (PIF) – Register of Manufacturers and Importers of Medicinal Products (searchable); National Register of Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Active Substances (searchable);
        • Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products (URPLWMiPB) – Record of manufacturers of active substances used in the manufacture of veterinary medicinal products with anabolic, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, hormonal or psychotropic properties (non-searchable);
        • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MNiSW) – Register of entities producing or bottling wine products (downloadable list); Register of entities producing or processing ethyl alcohol (downloadable list); Register of entities producing tobacco products (downloadable list); Register of entities producing or bottling liquor drinks (downloadable list);
        • Veterinary Inspection (IW) – Lists and registers of supervised establishments, including: production, processing and marketing of meat, eggs, fish, milk, and dairy, production and marketing of animal feed, list of veterinary pharmaceutical wholesalers (some of these lists also include individual farmers whose farms have not been registered as companies) (downloadable lists);
        • State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service – various registers of undertakings performing activities related to plant health, plant protection products and equipment used to apply them, seed production, as well as integrated plant production (some of these lists also include individual farmers whose farms have not been registered as companies) (partially available as downloadable lists);
        • National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR) (some of these lists also include individual farmers whose farms have not been registered as companies) – Register of biocomponent producers (downloadable list); Register of entities importing biocomponents (downloadable list); Register of farmers producing biofuels for their own use (downloadable list); Register of agricultural biogas producers (downloadable list); Register of first purchasers of cow milk (downloadable list);
        • Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMiR) – Register of Producers, Agricultural Holdings and Applications for Payment Entitlements – system operated for the purposes of state-funded, EU-funded or co-funded payment mechanisms in agriculture and fisheries; its constituent Register of Producers includes agricultural producers, animal holders, beneficiaries of fisheries programmes, organizations of producers, entities operating a rendering plant, and potential beneficiaries, while the Register of Agricultural Holdings includes farms (non-searchable); (some of these lists also include individual farmers whose farms have not been registered as companies);
        • Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG) – Central Records of Tour Operators and Entrepreneurs Facilitating Linked Travel Arrangements (searchable)
        • Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) – Register of Postal Operators (searchable); Register of Telecommunications Undertakings (searchable)
        • Energy Regulatory Office (URE) – registries of various types of energy undertakings (list incomplete): holders of concessions for trade of liquid fuels, holders of concessions for trade of fuels other than liquid; electric energy distributors, operators of electric energy transmission systems; natural gas distributors, operators of natural gas transmission systems, natural gas storage facilities, natural gas liquefaction facilities, liquid natural gas regasification facilities. (downloadable lists)
        • Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) – List of Licensed Air Carriers, List of Holders of Air Operator Certificate (downloadable lists); List of holders of permits to provide ground handling services to third parties (downloadable list); List of Holders of Airport Handling Agent Certificate (downloadable list); List of Holders of Permits for Airport Management (downloadable list); Register of Civil Aerodromes, List of Officially Listed Civil Airfields (downloadable lists);
        • Office of Rail Transport (UTK) – List of licensed rail carriers (downloadable list);
        • Inspection of Road Transport (ITD) – Polish Registry of Road Transport Undertakings (searchable)
        • State Geological Institute-State Research Institute/State Geological Service (PIG-PIB/PSG) – System of management and protection of mineral resources in Poland – MIDAS - register of deposits, mining areas and mining countries as well as related concessions (searchable)
        • National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) – List of public broadcasters ; List of licensed broadcasters and operators


        • Citizen Portal – Company search
        • Ministry of Justice – Entity Search


        • Ministry of Business and Trade – Companies Control Department (Hukoomi)
        • Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Business Directory{{Cite newsurl= The Directory Qatar Chamberwork=Qatar Chamberaccess-date=2018-07-06language=en-US
        • Qatar Financial Centre Authority – Public Register


        • Ministry of Public Finance – Business search
        • Ministry of Justice – The National Trade Register Office (ONRC)
        • Ministry of Justice – The National Trade Register Office
        • Financial Supervisory Authority
        • Bucharest Stock Exchange – Companies directory

        Russian Federation

        • Federal Tax Service – Unified State Register of Legal Entities
        • National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations


        • Office of the Registrar General (ORG){{Cite weburl= Office of Registrar Generalwebsite=org.rdb.rwlanguage=en-USaccess-date=2018-07-06
        • Rwanda Revenue Authority – VAT Registered Taxpayers

        Saint Kitts and Nevis

        • Financial Services Regulatory Commission – Registrar of Companies
        • Nevis Financial Regulatory Services Commission

        Saint Lucia

        • Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP)
        • Registry of International Business Companies and International Trusts (Pinnacle){{Cite weburl= St. Lucia Company Name Searchwebsite=www.pinnaclestlucia.comaccess-date=2018-07-06

        Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

      • Commerce and Intellectual Property Office
      • Samoa

      • Samoa Business Registry
      • San Marino

      • Trade Register
      • São Tomé and Príncipe

      • Ministry of Justice – Company Registry
      • Saudi Arabia

        • Ministry of Commerce and Industry
        • Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority – License Search
        • Riyadh – Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry
        • Jeddah – Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Business Directory


      • Business Creation Support Bureau
      • Serbia

        • The Serbian Business Registers Agency
        • Central Securities Depository and Clearing House
        • Securities Commission – Public Company Register
        • National Bank of Serbia –; Lists of Providers of Financial Services


        • Seychelles Business Register (onshore companies only)
        • Seychelles Financial Services Authority (not searchable)

        Sierra Leone

      • Office of the Administrator and Registrar General
      • Singapore

        • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority – Entity search
        • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore – GST Registered Business Search
        • Monetary Authority of Singapore – Financial Institutions Directory


      • Ministry of Justice - Business Register
      • Slovenia

        • Slovenian Business Register
        • Financial Administration – List of taxable legal entities {{Cite weburl= davčnih zavezancev FINANÄŒNA UPRAVA REPUBLIKE
        • Central Securities Clearing Corporation
        • Securities Market Agency – List of public companies

        Solomon Islands

      • Solomon Islands Business Registry
      • South Africa

      • Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
      • South Korea

        • Start-Biz Online
        • Small and Medium Business Administration
        • Supreme Court – Registry
        • Financial Supervisory Service – Repository of Korea's Corporate Filings

        South Sudan

      • Ministry of Justice – Business Registry (not searchable)
      • Spain

        • Central Mercantile Register (Registro Mercantil Central) (RMC)
        • Association of Spanish Property & Commercial Registers
        • National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) – Search by entity

        Sri Lanka

      • Department of Registrar of Companies
      • Sint Maarten

      • St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (not searchable)
      • Sudan

      • Ministry of Justice – Commercial Registrations Department
      • Suriname

      • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      • Swaziland

      • Sweden

        • Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)
        • Financial Supervisory Authority – Listed company search (Börsinformation)
        • Financial Supervisory Authority – Company register


        • Swiss company registers are organized at cantonal level
        • Federal Commercial Registry Office – Central Business Names Index (Zefix)
        • Official Gazette of Commerce


      • Tax Committee – Register of Legal Entities
      • Tanzania

      • Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA)
      • Thailand

      • Ministry of Commerce – Department of Business Development
      • Timor-Leste

        • Institute for Business Support – Enterprises
        • Service Registry and Company Verification (not yet searchable) {{Cite weburl=ícias Recente
        • Official Gazette


      • Business Registries Office
      • Togo

      • Business Start-up Center
      • Tunisia

        • Registry of Commerce
        • Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation - Directory of industrial enterprises


        • Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey – Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
        • Central Registration System (MERSÄ°S)
        • Turkish Standards Institution – Company Search
        • Adana - Adana Chamber of Commerce – Trade Name Search
        • Aksaray - Aksaray Chamber of Commerce
        • Bursa - Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Search for Member Companies
        • Gaziantep - Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce – Member Search
        • Istanbul - Istanbul Chamber of Commerce – Company Search
        • Konya - Konya Chamber of Commerce – Company Directory
        • Mersin - Mersin Chamber of Commerce

        Turks and Caicos Islands

      • Financial Services Commission – Companies Registry (not searchable)
      • Trinidad & Tobago

        • Companies Registry
        • Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission – Registered Companies, Individuals & Securities


        • Uganda Registration Services Bureau
        • Register of Providers


        • State Enterprise Information Resource Centre {{Cite weburl=Єдиний державний реєстр юридичних осіб та фізичних осіб-підприємців МІНІСТЕРСТВО ЮСТИЦІЇ УКРАЇНИ
        • State Fiscal Service – Business Search
        • State Fiscal Service – Register of VAT payers
        • State Fiscal Service – Register of Fixed (or single) tax payers
        • State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets – Integrated Information System
        • State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets – Other registers
        • Ministry of Justice – Unified Register of Civic Organizations

        United Arab Emirates

        • Ministry of Economy – Business Name Search
        • Securities and Commodities Authority – Company Details
        • Abu Dhabi - Department of Economic Development – Trade Name Search
        • Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Business Center – Business License Search
        • Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Commercial Directory
        • Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Global Market Registration Authority
        • Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange – Listed Companies
        • Ajman - Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Commercial Search
        • Ajman - Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Industrial Search
        • Ajman - Ajman Free Zone – Directory
        • Dubai - Department of Economic Development – Trade Name Search
        • Dubai - Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Commercial Directory{{Cite weburl= Directory Dubai Chamberwebsite=www.dubaichamber.comlanguage=en-USaccess-date=2018-07-06
        • Dubai - Dubai Financial Market – Listed Companies
        • Dubai - Dubai Financial Services Authority – Public Register{{Cite weburl= DFSAwebsite=www.dfsa.aeaccess-date=2018-07-06
        • Dubai - Dubai International Financial Centre – Client Directory{{Cite weburl= Register Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) difc.aewebsite=www.difc.aelanguage=en-usaccess-date=2018-07-06
        • Dubai - Dubai Airport Freezone – Directory{{Cite weburl= Lounge and Company registration in Dubai Airport Free Zone DAFZA
        • Dubai - Jebel Ali Free Zone – Client Directory
        • Dubai - Dubai Internet City – Partners Directory
        • Dubai - Dubai Knowledge Village – Partners Directory
        • Dubai - NASDAQ Dubai – Listed Companies
        • Fujairah - Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Business Directory
        • Fujairah - Fujairah Free Zone – Company Listing
        • Ras Al Khaimah – Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority
        • Sharjah – Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Business Directory
        • Sharjah – Hamriyah Free Zone – Directory
        • Sharjah – Sharjah Airport International Free Zone - Investor Directory
        • Umm al-Quwain – Chamber of Commerce and Industry

        United Kingdom

        • Companies House – Search for Companies
        • Financial Conduct Authority – Financial Services Register

        United States

      • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - Search for Company Filings{{Cite weburl= Company Search Pagewebsite=www.sec.govlanguage=enaccess-date=2018-07-07
      • State registries

        { class="wikitable sortable"
        ! State
        ! Department/Agency
        AlabamaSecretary of State of Alabama
        {{Cite weburl= Entity Records Alabama Secretary of Statewebsite=www.sos.alabama.govlanguage=enaccess-date=2018-07-07
        AlaskaAlaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
        ArizonaArizona Corporation Commission
        ArkansasSecretary of State of Arkansas
        CaliforniaSecretary of State of California
        ColoradoSecretary of State of Colorado
        ConnecticutSecretary of the State of Connecticut
        DelawareSecretary of State of Delaware
        FloridaSecretary of State of Florida
        GeorgiaSecretary of State of Georgia
        HawaiiDepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)
        IdahoSecretary of State of Idaho
        IllinoisIllinois Secretary of State
        IndianaSecretary of State of Indiana
        IowaIowa Secretary of State
        KansasSecretary of State of Kansas
        KentuckySecretary of State of Kentucky
        LouisianaSecretary of State of Louisiana
        MaineSecretary of State of Maine
        MarylandMaryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation
        {{Cite weburl= Your Business Online Maryland.govwebsite=egov.maryland.govaccess-date=2018-07-07
        MassachusettsMassachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth
        MichiganDepartment of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
        MinnesotaMinnesota Secretary of State
        MississippiSecretary of State of Mississippi
        MissouriMissouri Secretary of State
        MontanaSecretary of State of Montana
        NebraskaSecretary of State of Nebraska
        NevadaSecretary of State of Nevada
        New HampshireNew Hampshire Secretary of State
        New JerseyNew Jersey Department of the Treasury
        New MexicoNew Mexico Public Regulation Commission
        New YorkSecretary of State of New York
        North CarolinaNorth Carolina Secretary of State
        North DakotaNorth Dakota Secretary of State
        OhioOhio Secretary of State
        OklahomaOklahoma Secretary of State
        OregonOregon Secretary of State
        PennsylvaniaSecretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
        Rhode IslandSecretary of State of Rhode Island
        South CarolinaSecretary of State of South Carolina
        South DakotaSecretary of State of South Dakota
        TennesseeTennessee Secretary of State
        TexasSecretary of State of Texas
        TexasTexas Comptroller of Public Accounts
        UtahUtah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
        VermontSecretary of State of Vermont
        VirginiaState Corporation Commission
        WashingtonSecretary of State of Washington
        West VirginiaSecretary of State of West Virginia
        WisconsinWisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
        WyomingSecretary of State of Wyoming

        District/Territorial registries

        • District of Columbia – Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs – Corporations Division
        • Guam – Department of Revenue and Taxation – General Licensing and Registration Branch (not searchable){{Cite weburl= Licenses Online Renewal GuamTax.comwebsite=www.guamtax.comaccess-date=2018-07-07
        • Northern Mariana Islands – Department of Commerce – Registrar of Corporation (not searchable)
        • Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Department of State – Corporations Search
        • United States Virgin Islands – Division of Corporations and Trademarks


        • Agency for Development of Electronic Government and Society of Information and Knowledge (AGESIC) – Incorporated businesses (e-Diario)
        • Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining – Directory of Industrial Enterprises
        • National Institute of Statistics – Directory of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
        • Official Gazette search
        • State Purchasing and Contracting Agency – Provider search
        • Investment and Export Promotion Institute – Directory of Exporters


      • The Uniform State Register of enterprises and organizations is maintained by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics
      • Vanuatu

      • Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
      • Venezuela

        • National Procurement Service (RNC) – Registered government contractor search
        • SENIAT – company tax identification code (RIF) check
        • Supreme Tribunal of Justice – Official Gazette
        • Autonomous Registries and Notaries Service (not searchable)


        • Ministry of Planning and Investment – Agency of Business Registration
        • Ministry of Planning and Investment – E-gazette search
        • Ministry of Finance - General Department of Taxation – Taxpayer Directory


      • Ministry of Industry and Trade
      • Zambia

        • Patents and Companies Registration Agency
        • Zambia Revenue Authority – Taxpayer Search (Click on "Other e-Services")


      • Department of Deeds, Companies & Intellectual Property
      • See also

        • Legal Entity Identifier
        • Statistical business register
        • Corporate Registers Forum
        • European business register
        • OpenCorporates
        • List of financial regulatory authorities by country
        • List of offshore financial centres
        • List of stock exchanges

        External links

        • European Commission - Business registers in Member States
        • Investigative Dashboard - External Databases
        • Global Open Data Index - Company Register
        • - All company registers

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