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Basilisk (disambiguation)

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A basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents.
Basilisk may also refer to:


  • Basiliscus, Roman emperor (475–476).
  • Nonfictional uses

    • Common basilisk, a lizard found in Central and South American rainforests
    • Any lizard of the genus Basiliscus
    • Basilisk (The Legendary Pink Dots album), an album by The Legendary Pink Dots
    • Basilisk (D'erlanger album), an album by D'erlanger
    • Basilisk (cannon)
    • HMAS Basilisk, a naval base
    • HMS Basilisk, the name of several Royal Navy ships
    • Basilisk II, a software emulator
    • Basilisk (web browser), developed by the Pale Moon team
    • Basilisk, Queensland, a locality in the Cassowary Coast Region, Queensland, Australia

    Fictional uses

    • Basilisk (comics), the name of four Marvel Comics characters
    • Basilisk, a fictional terrorist group seen in the DC Comics Suicide Squad
    • Captain Basilisx, a minor antagonist in the web series Super Mario Bros. Z
    • Basilisk (Harry Potter)
    • Basilisk (manga), a manga and anime series
    • A motif in the works of author David Langford
    • A star system in the David Weber novel On Basilisk Station
    • Roko's Basilisk, a thought experiment originating on the LessWrong blog


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