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William Norris

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  William Norris may refer to:
  • William Norris (antiquarian) (1719–1791), English clergyman and antiquarian
  • William Norris (CEO) (1911–2006), CEO of Control Data Corporation
  • William Norris (locomotive builder) (1802–1867), American steam locomotive builder
  • Sir William Norris (judge) (died 1859), Chief Justice of British Ceylon, father of William Edward Norris
  • William Edward Norris (1847–1925), British author
  • William Foxley Norris (1859–1937), Dean of York
  • William Norris (Confederate signal officer) (1820–1896)
  • William Hutchinson Norris (1800–1893), American military officer and politician who founded the city of Americana in Brazil
  • Sir William Norris, 1st Baronet (c. 1658–1702), Member of Parliament for Liverpool, England
  • William Albert Norris (1927–2017), former judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • William Norris III (1936–2016), American judge
  • William Norreys (1441–1507), also often spelt Norris (1433–1507), Lancastrian soldier during the War of the Roses
  • William Norreys (gentleman usher), Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod and Order of the Garter; Member of Parliament for Windsor
  • William Norris (1501–68) (1501–1568), Member of Parliament for Liverpool
  • William Norreys (Berkshire MP) (c. 1548–1579), soldier and Member of Parliament for Berkshire
  • William Norris (English cricketer) (1830–1889), English clergyman and cricketer
  • William Norris (Wellington cricketer) (1908-1988), New Zealand cricketer
  • William C. Norris (general) (born 1926), United States Air Force general


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