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Perfect Strangers (2004 film)

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Perfect Strangers is a 2004 British romantic comedy film starring Rob Lowe and Anna Friel.

Plot summary

Lloyd and Susie in London work for the same ad agency, but in different cities. An arrangement is made where they switch jobs and homes for a month. After settling into each other's place they consult each other by phone. It's not long before they fall in love.


  • Rob Lowe as Lloyd Rockwell
  • Anna Friel as Susie Wilding
  • Khandi Alexander as Christie Kaplan
  • Sarah Alexander as Alix Mason
  • Jennifer Baxter as Betsy
  • Gabriel Hogan as Harvey Truelove
  • Jane Luk as Dee Dee
  • Colin Fox as Sir Nigel
  • Katie Bergin as Kathy

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