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Mayfair (disambiguation)

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  Mayfair (also May Fair) is a district in the City of Westminster in London, England.
Mayfair may also refer to:



  • Mayfair, Calgary, Alberta, a neighbourhood
  • Mayfair, Saskatchewan, a hamlet
  • Mayfair, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a neighbourhood
  • Mayfair, a community in the township of Southwest Middlesex, Ontario

United States

  • Mayfair, Fresno County, California, a census-designated place
  • Mayfair, Kern County, California, an unincorporated community
  • Mayfair, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a neighborhood
  • Mayfair, Washington, D.C., a neighborhood
  • Mayfair, a shopping area in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, Florida
  • Mayfair, a neighborhood in Johns Creek, Georgia
  • Mayfair, a neighborhood within the larger community area of Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois
    • Mayfair (Metra), a commuter railroad station in Chicago, Illinois


  • Mayfair, Johannesburg, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Mayfair, a suburb of Hastings, New Zealand


  • Billy Mayfair (born 1966), American professional golfer
  • Mitzi Mayfair, American dancer and actress born Emylyn Pique (1914-1976)

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters

  • Katherine Mayfair, on the television series Desperate Housewives
    • Adam Mayfair, Katherine's second husband
    • Dylan Mayfair, Katherine's daughter
  • Monk Mayfair, one of Doc Savage's five assistants
  • The Mayfair family of witches, in the novel series Lives of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice

Other arts and entertainment

  • Mayfair (festival), an annual arts and music festival in Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Mayfair (magazine), a British soft pornography magazine
  • "Mayfair", a song by Nick Drake from Time of No Reply
  • Mayfair Pictures, an American film studio of the 1930s


  • Mayfair, 2018 South African action drama film
  • Brands and enterprises

    • Mayfair (cigarette), a brand of cigarettes produced by the Gallaher Group
    • Dodge Mayfair, an automobile built by Chrysler Corporation of Canada Ltd. solely for the Canadian market from 1953 to 1959
    • Packard Mayfair, an automobile manufactured up to 1954
    • Mayfair Bank, a commercial bank in Kenya
    • Mayfair Club, a defunct underground poker club in New York City
    • Mayfair Games, a publisher of board and roleplaying games
    • The May Fair Hotel, London
    • Mayfair Hotel (disambiguation)
    • Mayfair Markets, U.S. supermarkets that were sold off or absorbed into the Gelson's chain
    • Mayfair Mall, a shopping mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
    • Mayfair Shopping Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    • Mayfair Studios, a recording studio in London
    • Mayfair Tankers, a merchant shipping company

    Venues and theaters

    • Mayfair Ballroom, a former venue in Newcastle upon Tyne
    • Mayfair Music Hall, Santa Monica, California, a vaudeville theater, demolished in 2010
    • Mayfair Theatre, Baltimore, United States
    • Mayfair Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand
    • Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, a movie theatre

    American historic structures

    • Mayfair (Jenkinsville, South Carolina), a historic home
    • Mayfair Hotel (Searcy, Arkansas), converted into an apartment house
    • Mayfair House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an apartment building
    • Mayfair Mansions Apartments, Washington, D.C.
    • Mayfair Pumping Station, Chicago


    • Truman College, formerly Mayfair College, Chicago
    • Mayfair High School a middle/high school in Lakewood, California


    • Mayfair Open, an LPGA golf tournament held only in 1959
    • Mayfair Sporting Club, London, an organiser of boxing dinner events

    Other uses

  • Mayfair salad dressing


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