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My Pet Monster

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  My Pet Monster is a character that began as a plush doll first produced by American Greetings in 1986. It has horns, blue fur, and a fanged smile, wearing breakaway orange plastic handcuffs.
In 2018, Hasbro acquired the My Pet Monster brand from Saban Brands.


The My Pet Monster character began as a plush doll first produced by American Greetings in 1986. As one of the few plush dolls marketed to boys at the time, My Pet Monster was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The doll has blue fur, horns and a fanged smile, and is recognizable by its orange plastic handcuffs. The handcuffs could also be worn by children and came with a breakaway link so that the child could simulate breaking the chain. Several versions of the doll have been released in various sizes and other attributes. Other characters were also created with brightly colored fur and unorthodox names like Gwonk, Wogster and Rark. Their popularity allowed a wealth of merchandise including coloring books, Golden Look-Look books, frame-tray puzzles and various other items.
Capitalizing on the nostalgia in many children of the '80s, Toymax released a 22-inch tall talking My Pet Monster doll in 2001.


The character's popularity spawned a live-action direct-to-video film in 1986 about a boy who becomes the Pet Monster after being exposed to a statue, changing when hungry. Dr Snyder, the scientist who originally discovered the statues and the legend behind them, wants to kidnap him for publicity purposes, while his sister helps her brother out of the crisis.
My Pet Monster also spawned a children's cartoon series that ran for one season on ABC, produced by Ellipse (France), Nelvana (Canada), and Hi-Tops Video in association with Golden Books. The show follows Monster, who lives with a boy named Max. When Monster wears his handcuffs, they turn him into a stuffed animal. Max often does to keep Monster's existence secret from others. Max's sister, Jill, and his friend Chuckie, are the only ones that know this secret.
The two main adversaries in the show are Mr. Hinkle, a neighbor who always thinks Max is up to something, but is not quite sure what; and Beastur, a large monster who hates light and tries to bring Monster back to MonsterLand. Beastur, though immense and fierce, is incompetent. He can be stopped by the magic cuffs -— which reduce him to a smaller, though still "alive" monster -— or by his own bungling, and sent back through the warp portal to his own world. He wears dark glasses to protect his sensitive eyes, which he can use to see in the dark.
Beastur appears in nearly every episode as either a primary or secondary foe. On one notable occasion, he was scared back through the portal to Monsterland not by light or the cuffs, but by the affections of a smitten female gorilla. In the final episode, it is also shown that Beastur hates to be hugged, even more so than being exposed to light.
Much of the voice cast of My Pet Monster returned 2 years later in 1989 for Beetlejuice, another cartoon show with a surreal theme and a supernatural world populated by fantastic monsters.
Reruns of all 13 half-hour episodes aired on Teletoon Retro in Canada from September 5, 2011.


  • "Monster" (voiced by Jeff McGibbon in TV series, portrayed by Mark Parr in special) - The Monster, Max's friend in series, as opposed to being Max in special)
  • Max (portrayed by Sunny Besen Thrasher) - Becomes a monster in the special, but is a separate character in TV series. When he wins the surfing competition he is referred to as Max Smith.
  • Chuckie (voiced by Stuart Stone) - Max's best friend in TV series, does not appear in the special
  • Jill Smith (voiced by Alyson Court) - Max's older sister in the TV series. Monster clearly has a crush on her.
    • Melanie (portrayed by Alyson Court) - Max's sister in special.
  • Beastur (voiced by Dan Hennessey) - A giant Monster in the series who pursues Monster with the intention of taking him back to Monsterland. Briefly mentioned at the end of the special as the name of one of the monsters represented by the statues
  • Mr. Hinkle (voiced by Colin Fox) - Suspicious neighbor who is aware of Monster's antics, but never actually succeeds in proving Monster exists.
  • Princess (voiced by Tracey Moore) - Hinkle's dog which resembles a Standard Poodle.
  • Dr. Snyder (portrayed by Colin Fox) - Mad scientist and later monster hunter in special.
  • Rod (portrayed by Yannick Bisson) - Max's older brother in special, aware of Max's monster changing ability.
  • Stephanie (portrayed by Kelly Rowan) - Rod's date in special.
  • Hinkle's niece, Jenny
  • Wolfmen (musicians)
  • Leo (school bully)
  • Annie (voiced by Tara Charendoff) - Neighbour/Jill's friend.
  • Jumbo Jim (ringer)
  • Mrs. Smith (portrayed by Jayne Eastwood) - Max and Jill's mother, brief role at the beginning of the special where it is revealed her first name is Julie.
  • Rex Stalker (monster hunter)


Direct-to-video special (1986)

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Series (1987)

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{{Episode list
Title=Goodbye Cuffs, Goodbye Monster
WrittenBy=Peter Sauder
J.D. Smith
ShortSummary=Max purchases Monster and brings him home, only to discover that once his shackles are removed, he comes to life. Unfortunately for Monster, Beastur has escaped from Monsterland and is determined to find Monster and stop at nothing to bring him back with him.
{{Episode list
Title=The Wolfmen Are Coming!
WrittenBy=Mike Silvani
ShortSummary=When the hard rock group The Wolfmen hold a concert in town, Jill's costumes for her fan club members make Mr. Hinkle accidentally believe there are real wolfmen lurking in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Max's attempts to find tickets for the concert lead to Monster becoming the guest singer.
{{Episode list
Title=Boogie Board Blues
WrittenBy=J.D. Smith
ShortSummary=Max is psyched about the Junior Boogie Board Competition, but a snooty competitor and a bad wipeout may make him lose all hope unless his friends can help. LineColor=2E0854
{{Episode list
Title=The Masked Muncher!
WrittenBy=J.D. Smith
ShortSummary=Leo, the school bully, puts Monster's fate at stake in the upcoming pie-eating contest, so the gang enters Monster, as "The Masked Muncher", in the competition against Leo's ringer, Jumbo Jim, the "supermarket terminator."
{{Episode list
Title=Runaway Monster
WrittenBy=Mike Silvani
ShortSummary=It is Monster's birthday and apparently his close friends have not remembered his special day. Feeling lonely and forgotten, Monster decides to run away, not knowing they have been planning a surprise party.
{{Episode list
Title=Escape from Monsterland!
WrittenBy=J.D. Smith
ShortSummary=Max, Monster and the rest of the gang are trapped in Monsterland and must find a way to escape the dangerous and frightening place.
{{Episode list
Title=Little Bigfoot
WrittenBy=Alan Swayze
ShortSummary=Max, Monster and the gang join Mr. Hinkle on a camping trip, pursuing the legend and mystery of Bigfoot.
{{Episode list
Title=Monster Makes the Grade!
WrittenBy=Peter Sauder
ShortSummary=School elections are coming up, and Monster is intrigued by this process. Monster decides to pose undercover as an exchange student in order to liven up the political process.
{{Episode list
Title=Gorill'a My Dreams
WrittenBy=J.D. Smith
ShortSummary=While enjoying a trip to the zoo, Monster and the gang encounter a lonely gorilla. Beastur shows up.
{{Episode list
Title=The Monster Hunter
WrittenBy=John de Klein
ShortSummary=A Monster Hunter called Rex Stalker appears in search of Monster. Beastur makes one last attempt to drag him back into Monsterland, but chaos soon ensues.

DVD releases

  • On October 28, 2008, KaBoom! Entertainment released My Pet Monster- The Complete Series, featuring all 13 episodes, on DVD exclusively in Canada.News item (2008-9-30) on TV Shows on
  • On October 6, 2009, Trinity Home Entertainment released My Pet Monster- The Complete Series on DVD in the USA.DVD set info at TV Shows on
  • The live-action film has yet to be released on DVD.

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  • My Pet Monster at Don Markstein's Toonopedia. Archived from the original on March 19, 2016.

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