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Rodrigo is a Spanish, Portuguese and Italian name derived from the Germanic name Roderick (Gothic *Hroþareiks, via Latinized Rodericus or Rudericus), given specifically in reference to either King Roderic (d. 712), the last Visigothic ruler or to Saint Roderick (d. 857), one of the Martyrs of Córdoba (feast day 13 March).
The modern given name has the short forms Ruy, Rui, and in Galician Roi.
The name is very frequently given in Portugal; it was the most popularly given masculine name in 2011–2012, and during 2013–2016 ranked between 4th and 2nd most popular.
It is also moderately popular in Spain, ranking between 30th and 60th most popular during 2002–


The form Rodrigo becomes current in the later medieval period. It is recorded in the Cantar de Mio Cid, written c. 1200, as the name of
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (c. 1043–1099, known as El Cid Campeador).v. 467 (Destierro del Cid): Mio Çid don Rodrigo And Don Rodrigo king of visigoths (688-711),in the Spanish Visigothic Kingdom.
  • Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada (c. 1170 – 1247) was a Navarrese-born Castilian bishop and historian.
  • Rodrigo Lanzol Borja (1431–1503) was the birth name of Pope Alexander VI (r. 1492–1503).
  • Rodrigo de Triana was the name of the Spanish sailor to have first sighted the New World (i.e., the island of Guanahani) on Columbus' first voyage (on 12 October 1492).
  • Rodrigo López (c. 1525–1594) was a physician to Queen Elizabeth.
  • Rodrigo de la Guitarra was a medieval Spanish musician

Modern given name

  • Rodrigo Alves Soares (born 1992), Brazilian footballer known as Rodrigo
  • Rodrigo Blankenship (born 1997), American football player
  • Rodrigo Bonifácio da Rocha, Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo "El Potro" (1973–2000), Argentine singer
  • Rodrigo de la Cadena (born 1988), Mexican singer and performing artist
  • Rodrigo Damm (born 1980), Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Rodrigo Duterte, Filipino politician and the current President of the Philippines
  • Rodrigo González (Mexican musician) (1950–1985), Mexican musician also known as "Rockdrigo" González
  • Rodrigo González (swimmer) (born 1968), Mexican freestyle swimmer
  • Rodrigo Gracie (born 1975), a retired Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Rodrigo Juliano Lopes de Almeida (born 1976), Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo Masias (born 1981), Peruvian basketball player
  • Rodrigo Moreno (athlete) (born 1966), Colombian race walker
  • Rodrigo Moreno Machado (born 1991), Brazilian-born Spanish footballer
  • Rodrigo Núñez, Chilean footballer
  • Rodrigo José Queiroz Chagas, Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo Lacerda Ramos, Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo Lima (born 1991), Brazilian mixed martial artist
  • Rodrigo Lima (born 1999), Cape Verdean footballer
  • Rodrigo Pesántez Rodas (1937–2020), Ecuadorian poet and writer
  • Rodrigo Santoro, Brazilian actor
  • Rodrigo dos Santos, Brazilian water polo player
  • Rodrigo Augusto da Silva (1833–1889), Brazilian senator that cosigned the Golden law (Lei Aurea)
  • Rodrigo Martins Vaz, Brazilian footballer
  • Rodrigo Hernández Cascante (Rodri), Spanish footballer

Modern surname

  • América del Pilar Rodrigo, Argentinian botanist who used the standard botanical abbreviation "Rodrigo"
  • Chandimanthu Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Joaquín Rodrigo, Spanish composer
  • José Sisto Rodrigo, Commissioner of Guam
  • Lakshan Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Lasantha Rodrigo, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Mahesh Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer and rugby player
  • Malcolm Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Manoj Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Nalin Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala obstetrician, gynaecologist, surgeon, medical teacher and medical administrator
  • Philip Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala politician
  • Sandaruwan Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Sanjaya Rodrigo, Sri Lankan Sinhala cricketer
  • Teresa Rodrigo, Spanish scientist

See also

  • Rodrigues (disambiguation)
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