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Upbeats and Beatdowns

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Upbeats and Beatdowns is the first full-length album of the band Five Iron Frenzy. It was originally released independently on November 29, 1996 before receiving a national release on April 8, 1997 on Five Minute Walk, under the SaraBellum imprint, with distribution from Warner Bros. Records.


The lyrics were generally received as being "relevant and forceful;" one reviewer commented that the band offered praise and worship "by the pound." The first track, "Old West", begins one of many themes that would recur on the band's subsequent releases. The track is critical of the ill treatment of Native Americans in the name of Christ, and the liner notes implore us to learn from the Sand Creek and Meeker Massacres.
According to the Five Iron Frenzy MySpace blog, "Milestone" is often given the title "Nintendo" due to an incorrectly named mp3 distributed on file-sharing networks.

Track listing

All music written by Scott Kerr and Dennis Culp and all lyrics written by Reese Roper, except where noted otherwise.


Five Iron Frenzy
  • Jeff (Leanor) Ortega - saxophone, background vocals
  • Wonder Brad (Nathanael Dunham) - trumpet, background vocals
  • Dennis Culp - trombone, background vocals, lead vocals on "Beautiful America"
  • Scott Kerr - guitar, background vocals
  • Keith Hoerig - bass
  • Chaka (Andrew Verdecchio) - drums
  • Micah Ortega - guitar
  • Reese Roper - lead vocals
Additional personnel
  • Jamie Awbrey – rooster crow on "A Flowery Song"
  • Masaki Liu – producer, mixing, background vocals on "Beautiful America"
  • Edith Bunker – background vocals on "I Feel Lucky"
  • Frank Tate – executive producer

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